Adult Entertainment? Long Island Nursing Home Sued for Allegedly Hiring Strippers for Resident Activity.

A nursing home in Long Island, New York is being sued by the son of an 85 year old resident for its alleged hiring of male strippers to entertain the residents. According to the son, when he showed up to visit his mother he observed a photo of his mother placing dollars down a male dancer’s underwear. According to the lawsuit, there were other residents in the photograph partaking in the activity. The son maintains that he complained to the facility but nothing was done and that one nurse said the entertainment was in good faith.

According to the allegations, the plaintiff suffered emotional damage as a result of the incident. The complaint alleges that this was not an isolated incident, but a regular occurrence. The lawsuit also alleges that plaintiff does not have the mental or physical capacity to “protect herself.” The son also maintains that the money that his mother spent on the entertainment should be kept under lock and key at the facility pursuant to state regulations.

Making sure residents are entertained and have stimulating activities is a critical part of a resident’s social life at a nursing home. However, facilities need to review proposed activities to ensure that most residents can enjoy the activities and that the entertainment is appropriate for the residents. Nevertheless, if the residents have capacity, they can consent to participate in activities that their children may find offensive. Even if a resident has capacity to consent to an activity, the facility needs to review how that activity may impact its reputation.

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